Ashlin Hannon & Jessica Lay 


Competition Dancers

We provide top class coaching and instruction to many Dancesport Champions and welcome new competitors for lessons or practice sessions. 

Our 2014 National & International Champions are:

Ashlin Hannon & Jessica Lay
Nicholas Mountain & Isabelle Mechkova
Shae Mountain & Nerida Cortese
Max & Maureen Croft
Ted & Stephanie Irwin
Graham Anderson & Tina Henry
Ryan Lay & Aubry Ma
Joy Russ, Karen Fraser, Lisa Buchan, Ikuko Smith, Stephen Begg
Lynda Woodhead
Dene Saunders & Angela Gainsford
Nalin Anan & Deborah Hannon
Warren & Michelle Evans
Grant Emms & Betty Lai

Our 2013 Roll of Champions are:
Shae Mountain & Samantha Gemmell (Ballroom & Latin)
Ashlin Hannon & Jessica Lay (Ballroom & Latin)
Hao Kang & Amelia McGregor (Ballroom)
Nicholas Mountain & Isabelle Mechkova (Ballroom)
Max & Maureen Croft (Classical Sequence)
Ted & Stephanie Irwin (Ballroom & New Vogue)
William Twiddle & Amanda Rowland (Ballroom, NV & Latin)
Ryan Lay & Aubrey Ma (Ballroom)
Michael Beaven & Victoria Martinez-Smith (Latin)

Congratulations to our New Zealand & Australian Championship Title Winners for 2012:

Shae Mountain & Samantha Gemmell
Ashlin Hannon & Jessica Lay
Nicholas Mountain & Isabelle Mechkova
Ben Nicholson & Julie Wilson
Max & Maureen Croft

Kingsley is the organiser of several Dancesport Competitions including the

New Zealand Pro/Am Championships & New Zealand Classical Sequence Championships

and the

Capezio Kiwi Dance Classic

and has previously organised the

New Zealand Dancesport Championships

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