Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear to Jazz?

A: There is a specific jazz leotard & bike short that must be worn in Exams & should be worn week by week to class.  Long black lycra jazz pants are acceptable for older students not comfortable in a leotard and for younger children in the cooler weather.  We can not accept jeans or board shorts in class. Hair should be tied up and off the face. After your child’s first term of dance we request all students come to dance class in the appropriate attire.
Jazz shoes are required from Intro 3 & up (8 years & up).  Under 8 years we prefer no shoes on the younger children so we can better see if feet are stretched & working.

Q: Does the NSDC hold any workshops?

A: Yes, we do – the Winter Workshop! In the July School holidays, Gotta Dance offers students a Winter Workshop which enables them to learn two different dance routines over 5 days and perform for parents and friends in a Theatre performance to conclude the week. This is an awesome week not to be missed!!!

Q: Does the NSDC hold an end of year concert?

A: Yes, we have a concert every year in December involving the whole dance school. Term 4 is pretty much consumed with preparation for the show and every student is given an opportunity to dance and perform. It is great fun and one of the highlights of the year.